Termites may be a serious threat to Australian homeowners, but most people tend to believe that infestation simply will not happen to them! And it is this underestimation of the threat of termites that leaves roof for infestations to thrive unnoticed in your home until the situation becomes too dire to remedy! As long as you are an Australian resident, it is imperative to keep a sharp eye out for signs of termites. Knowing the signs allows you to reach out for pest control services early and save your residence! Read this article for the signs that should prompt you to seek a termite inspection and subsequent treatment. 

Influx of wings

When termites leave their colonies to propagate, they end up losing their wings during the process. The swarming termites then fly off to build new nests, and one of the areas that they will settle in is indie your home. So, when the adult termites in the new nests start to reproduce, the shedding cycle continues. Hence, whenever you notice an influx of translucent wings in your yard and your home, it typically is indicative of the onset of a termite infestation.

Presence of tunnels

Since termites leave underground, they need to create a barrier of protection when they go out of their nests to forage. This protection is usually in the form of mud tunnels, which functions to keep the termites protected from the sunlight. When an infestation is at its early stages, it may be difficult to uncover mud tunnels in your home. However, if you take the time to inspect timber surfaces in and around your home, you could notice these irregular lines of mud crisscrossing your property. When you find these tunnels, it is essential to have a termite inspection performed immediately so the colonies can be identified and eliminated.

Bubbles on your painted surfaces

Although bubbling paint is usually associated with poor workmanship, it could also be an early sign of termites invading your property. When termites start to eat through your timber structures, they tend to produce moisture during the process. With time, the moisture starts to collect under the paint, causing it to bubble. If you notice that your painted timber surfaces have started to develop bubbles, you should have them checked out to determine if there is an infestation to deal with.

Brown dust

As with most other pest infestations, termites will also defecate and leave their droppings around your home. The thing with termite droppings, though, is they appear similar to wood dust. These droppings are referred to as frass and typically mean that the termites have inhabited the wood structures where they are found. For clarity, it is prudent to get an exterminator's opinion.