If you have recently discovered that your home is infested with termites and have engaged the services of a professional pest control specialist to help you resolve this problem, you might find these tips to be quite helpful.

Make sure you have secured temporary accommodation before booking a date for the termite treatment

Lots of pest control companies offer chemical-based termite treatments, which may involve fumigating a building, as well as applying liquid insecticides to specific areas around the property which are visibly infested. If the pest control company has recommended a termite treatment that will involve the use of potent chemicals, you may need to move out of your house temporarily.

Because of this, it is important to make sure that you have somewhere else to stay before you arrange for the pest control specialist to begin the treatment process on a specific date. If you don't do this and you then struggle to secure temporary accommodation, you may end up having to cancel the treatment at the last minute and then arrange for it to be carried out at a later date.

Whilst the exact length of time you will have to stay away from your home will depend on the extent of the infestation, you should be able to return to your property within a week or so, as the fumes generated by the treatment process should be gone by this point.

Don't start dealing with structural damage until after the employees from the pest control company have finished their work

If the termites have been inside your home for more than a few months, it is very likely that they have eaten away at some of the timber parts that make up your house's structural framework. This will probably have created some structural problems (such as cracks in the foundation or damage to the roof).

As such, when you realise that your home is infested with termites, your first instinct might be to call a structural engineer and have them assess and repair the damage that these insects have caused. However, there is no point in doing this until after the employees from the pest control company have performed their work and confirmed that the infestation has been fully eradicated.

If you have these issues fixed before the termite treatment is carried out, the insects may then proceed to cause further structural damage during the period between the completion of the structural repair work and the start of the termite eradication process. You will then have to have the structural engineer assess and fix your property a second time.