If you own a fast-food business, it is essential that you take steps to prevent rats from entering your shop. If rats enter your business, they can damage the fabric of your building and spread disease. However, most importantly, rats can seriously harm the reputation of your business. Who would want to eat in a shop which has a problem with rats? Below is a guide to four things you can do to protect your business from the threat posed by rats. Read on to find out more.

Use secure food bins

A fast-food business will tend to generate a lot of food waste. When disposing of food waste, you should place it in secure food bins which have a lockable lid. Many modern bins have lids which can be clipped into place so they lock into position and cannot be easily opened. If the cover of your food bin does not have a lockable lid, you should place a brick or another heavy object on top of the bin to keep it closed. By securing your food bin, you reduce the risk that rats will be drawn to your business as they look for something to eat.

Block small gaps in walls and doors 

Rats can crawl through very small gaps in walls and doors to gain entry into a building. To prevent this, you should carry out regular inspections of your business and block up any gaps in doors and walls as soon as possible.

Have the drains in your business inspected

Many rat infestations are the result of damaged drains and pipes. If a pipe or drain becomes damaged, a rat may be able to enter the plumbing system. Once in the drain, the rat will easily be able to move around your building until it can find a way out through a toilet or another section of damaged pipe. Unfortunately, it is all but impossible for a person to inspect the interior of a plumbing system. However, if you contact a specialist service, they will be able to use a camera to check the drainage and pipes in your building for any signs of damage. By having any cracked or damaged sections of pipe replaced or repaired, you can help to stop rats from gaining entry into your fast-food business.

If you suspect that rats have infested your fast-food business, you should contact a rat control service today.