It is a stressful situation to discover you have termites in your home. On the one hand, you know you need to get pest control in to deal with the termites as soon as possible to minimize the amount of damage they do, but on the other hand, as someone with a crawling child, you have concerns about the effect of this treatment on your child's health. To get rid of termites while protecting your young one, use these three tips when termite treatment is needed immediately.

Go Out Day Of Treatment

Termite treatment can be done while you are at home, but taking the family out for the day removes all fear of chemical inhalation whilst it is being applied. If you prefer to be in the house while the treatment is done, arrange for your children to go elsewhere for the day. A friend, a babysitter or even a child care centre are all good options to keep your kids away from the immediate treatment odours.

Cleaning After Treatment

Any chemical smell after treatment dissipates in a matter of hours, so if you do notice an odour when you get home, open up the windows and let the fresh air in. Pest controllers recommend you mop and vacuum the floors the night before or the day of treatment so there is a clean surface for the chemical to adhere to. Once treatment is done, you should not vacuum or mop for at least 24 hours to allow the chemicals to really soak into your home's structure. During this time, if your child needs to be on the floor, put them in a onesie and a pair of gloves so that their bare skin does not touch the floor. It is unlikely there would be any reaction if you didn't, but this way you know that their sensitive skin is protected.

Signs Of Termite Treatment Reaction

The chemicals used for termite treatment are safe to be used around humans, and there should be no reaction whatsoever by anyone in your family. But, if you notice an unusual skin rash on your crawler in the days following the treatment, take your child to their doctor as a precaution. If they have sensitive skin and come into contact with a chemical, it is possible they need a small dose of hydrocortisone cream or the like to treat the reaction. However, their doctor can diagnose and prescribe as needed.

If you have any other concerns about termite pest control at your home, have a chat with the company involved. They are dedicated to getting rid of termites while caring about your family's safety.