Even though pets are a rare sight in offices, these environments can still become infested with fleas. Animal-loving employees can bring the bugs in on their clothing, giving the fleas a chance to lay their eggs in office carpets and furnishings. If you spot fleas in your office, here are some tips you can use to get rid of them.

1. Vacuum the Carpets and Furniture

From office chairs to carpets, there are plenty of places for fleas to hide in an office. Vacuum all floors and furnishings thoroughly to suck up fleas, and then close the vacuum bag to stop them getting out. Take the bag out of the office to dispose of it so fleas cannot get back inside.

2. Use an Insecticide

Once you have vacuumed up the adult fleas, you need to deal with the eggs they have left behind. The best way to do this is to apply insecticide to the various surfaces in your office, paying special attention to the cracks between walls and floors.

Let your employees know that they should stay away from treated surfaces to avoid skin irritation. If your office closes down over the weekend, you will probably find it most convenient to apply the flea treatment on Friday evening so it has the chance to work while the place is empty.

3. Get Employees on Board

If your office is crawling with fleas, it is extremely likely that at least one employee also has a flea infestation in their home. In fact, by now the fleas may have spread to multiple members of your workforce. Supply your employees with insecticide treatments that they can use in their homes. Ask them to wash all their clothes and bedding on a high temperature to kill fleas. Most importantly, encourage employees who have pets to give them flea treatments to tackle the problem at its source. Only by tackling all potential sources of fleas can you be sure of getting rid of them for good.

4. Call a Flea Control Service

With so many potential sources of reinfection, taking control of an office flea epidemic can be extremely challenging. To make the process less frustrating, you may want to bring in professional help. Flea control experts can use commercial-strength flea treatments to eradicate the fleas in your office. They can also let you know exactly what you need to do to prevent these annoying critters from coming back.