Termites are small, soft-bodied insects that can cause extensive damage to Australian homes. There are various species of this insect, but the species that causes damage to Australian homes is known as the subterranean termite. This particular species builds large nests underground in soil and trees. The type of damage done by the termite varies according to the species. For instance, a species known as the giant termite attacks any wood structures attached to the ground. Termite infestations can significantly reduce the value of a property; this is why it is imperative that the infestation be put under control as soon as possible. 

Termite Control

A range of businesses offer termite control services. These services will formulate a treatment plan tailored to your needs. There are two components to any kind of termite control method, prevention and treatment. 

Placing baits underground and above ground

Termite bait stations are placed strategically underneath the ground around the structure of your home. This is done for both prevention and treatment of termite infestations. These stations initially detect termites. Following this, a toxic bait is placed inside the station which is consumed by the termites. The termites then make their way back to their nest and share this toxic bait with other inhabitants. This bait system can also be placed above ground.

You can rest assured that the bait system is toxic only to termites and relatively safe for pets and children. 

After this bait system is placed, the pest control operator will place a treatment liquid around your home to act as a barrier to termites. This barrier will prevent the termites from attacking wood in your house. 

When to look out for termite infestations

It is particularly important to check for termite activity when purchasing or selling your property. This way the problem can be treated promptly. Additionally, termite infestations normally manifest in the spring season. This is because there are warmer temperatures and increased rainfall in spring. These form the perfect conditions for termites to invade. Termites cannot survive without moisture, so one particular prevention strategy is keeping the wood around your home dry. 

If you discover termites inside your home, there is a good chance that your home has an infestation. This calls for immediate action. You can use a vacuum to remove termites onsite, but you will need to urgently call termite control to get the situation under control.