If your locality is prone to termite infestations or you are experiencing signs of termite infestation, you should note the following things to help you deal with the termites:

Understand Why Termites Attracted to Your Premise

As long as your premise has suitable and habitable conditions for termites, you can be sure that you might experience a termite infestation. Such conditions include undisturbed stacks of wood touching the ground, unmanaged heaps of rubbish or garbage, dirty surfaces with food crumbs, moist environments and dead trees.

DIY measures you can apply to partially deal with a termite infestation problem is ensuring you clean your premises regularly and dispose of waste and rubbish correctly. You should also neatly organise any timber or firewood above the ground to make it hard for termites to access it.

Hire a Termite Control Company

As indicated above, there are some DIY measures you can carry out. These solutions may not be enough. If so, you require the skills and experience of a pest control company to fully rid yourself of termites. This is because termite control has different stages:

1. Conduct an Inspection: The termite control expert visits your premise to assess the extent of termite infestation and identify the species of the termites. Determining the termite species is essential because different termite species have different behaviours. With such knowledge, termite treatment can be applied effectively and swiftly.

2. Apply the Treatment: Treatment can either be a toxic chemical that kills or repels the termites. It is applied based on the results of the inspection performed. The termite expert might pour termite treatment chemical into your walls, around your house, under your house and mix it up with the soil surrounding your home.

3. Conduct a Reinspection: After a week or so, the termite control technician will return to your premise to conduct another inspection. This is mainly to check whether the treatment applied previously is effective. If it is not, they might apply another treatment and after a few days conduct another inspection. This cycle continues until a working treatment option is identified; it is not usually a guarantee that the first treatment always works.

You should know that the application of termite treatment should be done regularly because over time the treatment can get weak due to environmental conditions. This depends on the treatment, but expect pest control applications to occur multiple times a year.