Pest infestations are a nightmare for homeowners and business owners alike. Whether you are dealing with termites infesting all your wood structures or have bedbugs in all your upholsteries and linens, living with pests is not conducive for your health or mental wellbeing. Hence, when you notice the signs of an infestation or are suspicious of one, it is imperative to call on pest control specialists to annihilate these critters from your property. However, one thing some people take for granted is how vastly dissimilar residential pest control is from its commercial counterpart. Hence, some property owners may choose to enlist the services of the same pros that fumigate their residence, not considering that these services may not suffice for a commercial property. To help you understand why you need to hire commercial pest control specialists for commercial properties, read on to find out how they are different from residential fumigation needs.

Commercial properties will attract different pests than residential spaces

Granted, some critters will infest a property regardless of whether it is commercial or residential, such as termites. Nonetheless, some infestations are more prevalent in specific environments, and this is what makes commercial pest control needs different from residential ones. For instance, your household is highly vulnerable to bed bugs since the surrounding areas are rich in fabric. Thus, from the bedlinens to the furniture upholstery, bedbugs will easily become widespread. A commercial property, on the other hand, is more susceptible to larger pests, more so rodents. For example, the amount of organic waste that a restaurant produces will attract rats to the skips and potentially these pests can infest the premises. Hence, when enlisting commercial pest control services, identifying the unique infestations that your building is at risk of will help you understand the fumigation services required.

Commercial properties will require pest control at a higher frequency

When it comes to the rate at which pests infest a given property, it is very rare to find that one residence has encountered the same pest problem multiple times a year. In fact, residential pest control is typically an annual affair, if not even less frequently. And this is primarily because residential pest control services principally deal with pre-existing issues. This is not the same for commercial properties. A pest infestation in your commercial premises can have significant ramifications for your business, for example, loss of clientele, which leads to loss of profits. Therefore, most business owners will engage pest control specialists routinely to carry out inspections in addition to eliminating critters. Therefore, a business would likely require pest control services every quarter, whereas a residence would hire these services as needed.

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