Staying ahead of termite infestations should be on every homeowner's mind since it helps protect a property from damage. A big part of such control entails scheduling periodic termite inspections to determine the presence or absence of the destructive pests. Once you have scheduled a termite inspection with a pest control expert, you need to take specific steps to prepare your property. Adequate preparation ensures that the termite inspection can be conducted thoroughly and smoothly.

Clear Crawl Spaces -- Pest control services are always ready to get down and dirty as they inspect your property for termites. Therefore, you must clear every crawl space in your home. For instance, if your house is constructed on a raised foundation, remove anything movable that might obstruct a pest inspector as they crawl underneath the house. The reason is that moving items out of the way during inspection can be frustrating and affect the quality of work done. Additionally, look inside every storage space in your home, such as in the attic and underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, and empty each one. Also, ensure that all exits are free of obstacles to allow an inspector to crawl in and turn back when needed.

Rearrange the Furniture -- Bugs often prefer dark spaces, which is why they are found behind and underneath furniture. As such, it is best to rearrange all the furniture in your home so that an inspection team can examine every square inch of your floor with relative ease. For example, if your sofas are close to walls, move them closer to the centre of a room during an inspection exercise. It is mainly necessary if you have several big and bulky pieces of furniture. Additionally, move everything you store under chairs and beds to another area inside the house or the outdoors.

Cut Overgrown Hedges -- Termites build their colonies in nests, which are usually found outside. They are often hidden behind bushes and thick vegetation. Therefore, ensure that you cut back overgrown hedges and grass so that a termite inspector can conduct a thorough examination of your property. It enables them to look for early signs of termite activity even if the insects have not reached your home. If you do not do this, an inspection team might declare your house termite-free only for the pests to invade a few weeks later.

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