In Australia, earwigs are plentiful. This is because the warm climate and humidity create the ideal conditions for earwigs to thrive. Although earwigs prefer to live outdoors, they will venture into your home if your home has the right conditions.

Have you seen an increase in earwig activity in your home? Although earwigs won't seek to attack you, they can be a nuisance and can give curious children a painful nip. If you have a problem with earwigs, then you need to find out why and then consider calling pest control experts.

Your home might contain rotting wood or paper

Like termites and woodlice, earwigs are fond of eating rotten wood. They will also happily feed on wet cardboard or paper. If your home contains rotting wood or paper, earwigs and other insects will come. Find and remove sources of rotting wood or wet paper before more invasive and damaging pests like termites and carpenter ants arrive to join the feast.

You may be bringing them indoors

If you have been bringing boxes in from the garage or somewhere else, this could be the source of your earwig infestation. And earwigs like to feed on rotting vegetation too. This means that if you brought in any plants recently, you may have brought earwigs into your home, too.

Your home is abundant in food

Like ants, earwigs will eat sugary and fatty foods left lying around on countertops. In fact, earwigs will eat most of the foods that they find in your kitchen, including vegetables and fruit. If food is scarce outside, earwigs may enter your home in search of food.

You have a leak in your home

A leaky tap or pipe can create the ideal conditions for earwigs. Earwigs like humidity and darkness, which means they will head for areas of your home that have hidden leaks, such as the areas under your sink. And where there are leaks, there may be rotten wood too, which means a leak provides food as well as shelter.

Your home is easily accessible to insects

If your insect screens have holes in or the exterior of your home is covered with cracks and holes, many kinds of insects, not just earwigs, will enter your home. And remember, if earwigs come into your home, then their predators, such as spiders and centipedes may also enter your home to hunt them for food.

Do you have an earwig problem? Call a pest control service today to learn more about how to eradicate the earwigs and help you keep earwigs out of your home for good.